Below are some unsolicited testimonials we have received from guests and owners on board various vessels that we have been employed on. We have sought the permission of the writer to include their comments here and we can provide contact information should you wish to verify the quote(s) for yourself.

We enjoyed very much our time onboard SY Meari and that is lot to be put to the credit of her crew: Lynley and Graeme. Lynley received us with a very fine cuisine I would have been happy to eat in a Michelin starred restaurant, and Graeme skippered the boat with a lot of professionalism while being accessible to sailing amateurs like us. Thank you again for these unforgettable moments.
Pierre de Chateau Thierry & Corinne Gasperoni
Guests, S/Y Meari,
French Riviera, September 2012

Hi Lynley and Graeme, Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed having you aboard for the regatta last weekend. It has been a pleasure and we have both learnt a lot from you with your vast experience. Good luck and lucky is the next boat who has you two aboard.
Sussanne and Andrew Lock
Owners, S/Y Pearl or Persia
Oyster Regatta, Palma de Mallorca, September 2012

Graeme and Lynley took very good care of both the yacht Destiny and the crew during a voyage from Gibraltar to Las Palmas and thence onto St. Lucia. A journey of some 3500 miles over a one month period was spent under the expert guidance of Graeme and his sailing skills and Lynley spoiling us with gourmet meals. These two people are truly a team, both at work and with each other.
Jim Dow
Guest Crew for Atlantic Crossing, S/V Destiny
St Lucia, December 2011

Graeme and Lynley are intelligent, capable and fun to be around. Graeme is the best sail trimmer I have ever sailed with-always improving my trim by 10%!
Owner, S/V Destiny
Greece, September 2011

Amanzi has been a perfect home for the last week. Lynley and Graeme have made our time here relaxing and enjoyable. The food has been fantastic.
Charter Guests, S/Y Amanzi
Bonifacio, October 2010

Dear Lynley and Graeme,
As a repetitive guest onboard TONGA ... I have appreciated again your company and perfect service. The captainship was as usual perfect and the stewardship enchanting. Drinks, food and scenery were all breath taking. Thank you for a wonderful week in Montenegro and Croatia.
Robert Tarazi
Guest, M/Y Tonga
Dubrovnik, August 2010

To the sweet Lynley,
Your morning smile has enlightened our days everyday. Your attention and kindness leave us speechless. Thank you for this excellent week on board TONGA.
Michel Chartouni & Robert Tarazi
Guests, M/Y Tonga
Rimini, June 2010

Captain Graeme, So good to know that you are in charge on board. This surely feels very safe. Thanks for a lovely week cruising in Italy.
Michel Chartouni & Robert Tarazi
Guests, M/Y Tonga
Rimini, June 2010

Graeme has an excellent attitude at will always give of his best. He works well with others and helped us attain very successful racing results. He is completely reliable.
John Wood
Owner, S/Y Titus Canby
Wellington, May 2009

Lynley worked her position in harmony with the rest of the crew and did so with excellent skills. Our food was always best quality and range. Lynley has proved to be a reliable, hardworking and honest crew member.
John Wood
Owner, S/Y Titus Canby
Wellington, May 2009

Lynley reached a high pass mark and gained a full understanding of all topics covered. We found Lynley to be intelligent and enthusiastic with a mature and responsible attitude. We feel that she would be a great asset on any vessel she was employed on.
Deb Brown
Director, Superyacht Crew Academy
Sydney, April 2009